Dying in the Middle East peace process

Pope, to MinamiI Bari, gathering of ecumenical prayer for Middle ... [Summary] The US is funding stopped to UNRWA. [Refugees right of return] abandoned Do purposes. Palestine problem solving impossible in the Middle East peace [good faith of the intermediary] role abandonment of rice. Also threaten Israel's right to live, the Middle East peace process is moribund. Month Last week, Trump administration has expressed the discontinuation of funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). The decision to certify the Jerusalem last year, the month and the capital of Israel, second only to transfer from Tel Aviv of the US Embassy of this year month, it is not sure to be a big blow to the peace process. Indeed impatient I think is as the author of Arabisuto. Although the handling of the Japanese media small, big news in Europe and the United States. According to reports from the United States, that I decided this was the seat of consultation with the son-in-law J Kushner and Mr. M Ponpeio Secretary of State of the President that took place last month.