The day is far even to defeat the IS visit is peace in the Middle East

Pope, to MinamiI Bari, gathering of ecumenical prayer for Middle ... Went into th year, the war against the United States of extremist organization [Islamic State (IS)] might finally toward the victory. However, at the same time, the United States of influence on the events that occur around the Middle East, it is likely to be lowered. Coming months, is what happens in Syria in several years, the key in forming the future of the Middle East. US policy makers countries ever baked a hand up to this point, the Obama administration has been badly condemnation. Prospect to full-scale offensive in the manbij release But to enter the month, for the United States, the first of the good news about the Syria issue've been microcomputer. Earlier this month, the Syrian army, which has received the US support has recaptured the country northwest of the city manbij from IS. Local residents were rejoicing is, that they image that is embracing the liberator and regarded those who has flown around the world, had the effect of the United States is exactly what needed to in a big way the victory was not propaganda.